How to Determine the Worth of Funding Fig Crowdfunding Games?


Fig is a crowdfunding video game platform that came into existence in 2015. In contrast to the traditional crowdfunding approaches where individuals could support a project in order to be rewarded, fig uses a mixed approach that needs the individual to back a project as well as an opportunity for the uncredited investors to invest so as to get a portion of future revenues from the success of the project. Profits are shared immediately they are released. Fig is offered as an option means of funding the development of a video game.   Check out the video game publishers crowdfunding.  Anyone is free to contribute and invest in the projects of their preference. There are minimum investment rates for one to participate in fig. Here are the tips for determining the worth of funding fig crowdfunding games.

The first tip is the operation duration. Fig crowdfunding investments that have been operational for long are well established and cannot just fall overnight. Besides, they know how to attract many customers who are key to business growth and determinant of profit levels. They also have records of their performance which can help you gauge if they are worth your investment.

The second factor is the referral. People will always talk good of a good fig crowdfunding investor. They will also refer you to them. This is crucial since those referring have had past experience with an investor thus reduce the possibility of getting yourself into a raw deal.

The third factor is the insurance. Nothing gives an investor confidence as knowing their investments are secured in case of risks. Most reliable fig crowdfunding investors have insured their investment against risks such as fire, political unrest, among many. This covers your money and ensures you get compensated in case such risks occur thus give you the confidence of investing with the investor.  Get ready to learn about game sites to determine the worth of investment.

The fourth factor is the license. Governments issue licenses to ensure illegal game operators are brought to their attention. This is because they may not have the needed standards of operation. You should not, therefore, fear about asking your fig crowdfunding investor to show a license as this will be a sure way of having the needed standards which ensure the security of your investment.

Finally, consider the number of backers. The number of backers is a key consideration in choosing a fig crowdfunding investor because it lays the foundation of their capital base. The more the investors, the high the capital and the high the probability a venture will stand. Besides, having big numbers means an investor has a good reputation that is worth the investor’s trust.  Learn more about this site at , follow the link.