What You Need to Know About Fig Crowdfunding?


Fig is one of the crowdfunding platforms for video games. Most video games development need to be funded by publishing companies or they need to be paid by the developers of the games. In addition, a video game can get funding from government incentives or from private funding. Most video games developers rely on crowdfunding where the players of the video games pay back to the developers of the games for their efforts in making the game; this strategy has become a popular way of generating funds for the developers. There are a number of crowdfunding platforms, however, in this article, we will focus our attention on Fig crowdfunding.

Unlike other video game crowdfunding platforms, whereby individuals can back a project to receive rewards, Fig relies on a mixed model that incorporates individual backing and the opportunity for uncredited investors to invest so as to obtain shares of future revenues for a successful project. The aim of this platform is to permit not only the common backing of a video game something which is common in most traditional crowdfunding platforms but also enables those that invest in a game’s development to get a percentage of the profits generated from the game once it is released.   Expound more information about video game development.

Before you start crowdfunding video game on Fig, you need to beware of some factor. First and foremost, it is critical to note that Fig is selective in the games to include on its platform. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that allow anyone to sign up and create a profile to launch a crowdfunding campaign on their platforms, Fig is selective on the people to use the platform. Fig has to first evaluate the game and the developer to determine whether they have the potential to generate a significant income based on factors such as talent, skills and experience of the developer, the video game developer’s records of delivering games within budget and on time. Other factors that Fig considers also include the estimates of the potential sales of the game as well as the game’s fan base.  Enhance the important knowledge that you can get about fig.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Fig as a platform only hosts utmost two new funding campaigns every month. When using Fig, the investors will not buy the shares in your company. This is because the Fig’s equity crowdfunding system investors are only allowed to invest in the stock created by Fig. It is worth noting that with Fig, you will not have to pay any platform fees like with other crowdfunding video game platforms. Therefore, when looking for a crowdfunding platform, you should consider Fig .  Seek more information about this site at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/turnstyle/equity-crowdfunding-comes_b_8051152.html.